Veggie Advance


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120 LB, 40 LB, 80 LB

Veggie Advanced

Nourish your pet with the ultimate blend of nature’s finest ingredients. Veggie Advanced is specially formulated to support your dog’s health and vitality with a balanced mix of high-quality meats and nutrient-rich vegetables.


60% Beef/Bison/Turkey Meat & Trimmings

5% Beef/Bison Organs

5% Ground Bone

5% wild salmon

5% Tripe

20% Cooked Potatoes, Carrots, Pumpkin, Alfalfa, Flax Meal, Kelp

This premium formula provides essential nutrients, including high-quality protein from meat and organs, calcium from ground bone, and omega-3 fatty acids from fish meal. The addition of tripe supports digestive health, while a blend of cooked vegetables ensures a rich supply of vitamins and minerals. Our Veggie Advanced recipe is designed to offer a balanced, nutritious diet that your dog will love.


All Beef, Bison, and Turkey Organs

Feed your pet the best with Veggie Advanced, and watch them thrive with the power of nature’s bounty.

Additional information


120 LB, 40 LB, 80 LB


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